Why a strong bullish move is expected

AIOZ Network prices failed to trade with any noticeable momentum over the past few trading sessions. Today’s trading session continues the low volatility trend. However, there are some signs that prices should start gaining momentum and continue their current bullish movement.

AIOZ is a decentralized platform that aims to power a media economy by providing optimal delivery speed, affordable costs, premium streaming quality and unlimited shared bandwidth. The platform is built on the Layer 1 blockchain with full Ethereum and Cosmos interoperability.

It also uses Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Ethereum WebAssembly (wasm) smart contracts. As a result, platform users are able to rapidly deploy their dApps, allowing them to take advantage of features such as instant finality and low transaction fees. The platform is also highly scalable, which is important for developers and dApps.

AIOZ Network Price Prediction

Over the past four trading sessions, AIOZ has had no volatility. Prices also traded within a very tight range, forming a sideways market in all four trading sessions. However, looking at the AIOZ daily chart below, it is clear that the cryptocurrency is still bullish.

The bullish downtrend is confirmed by the Williams Alligator indicator, which has prices above its lines. However, the indicator also shows a weakened bullish move, where all of its lines are close together. The weak long-term bullish move can also be seen in the RSI indicator, which shows a reading of 58%. Although the indicator shows signs of upward movement, it does not show any momentum.

My AIOZ Network price prediction expects prices to continue to rise. I also expect prices to reverse today’s losses and close markets higher than they opened. In the next few days, I expect prices to continue their upward movement, and it is also likely that prices will accelerate.

AIOZ Daily Chart