When will NBC share premiere date, trailer?

Now that we know that a Magnum IP season 5 is coming to NBC (hooray!), we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Now we can focus on other fun topics regarding the future of the series with a little more certainty.

Take, for example, when NBC is actually going to announce more news about its newly acquired show. It’s great to have the announcement on Friday night, but there are plenty of other details that have yet to come out. There wasn’t much of a full press release either, aside from the news that we’re getting two seasons of ten episodes each – and maybe more, depending on what happens.

If you’re hoping the network will release plenty of Season 5 premiere date details next month, prepare to be disappointed. The wait to see the recorded show has been long, but the wait for more official information might be longer. While we know a Season 5 is on the way, over the next few months NBC’s focus will shift to promoting their various fall properties and understandably so. In the television industry, the top priority is almost always what’s directly in front of you. Trying to put something else in there can often complicate things further. The biggest news we’d expect to see in the coming months is mostly production-related – we might get some hints about potential guest stars along the way.

Once we get into October or November, that’s when hints or teases might start to come out; much of that will depend on whether the network is targeting Season 5 for a January or March premiere. If it’s the latter, we have to be prepared for an even longer wait. (Granted, having a Season 5 in March is infinitely better than having none at all.)

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When do you think NBC will start lifting the vein on Magnum IP season 5 with some official details?

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