West Side Rag » Revel’s Fleet of Carpool Teslas Expands from Downtown to 96th Street

Posted April 2, 2022 2:54 PM by West Side Rag

Photography via Revel.

By Scott Etkin

Upper West Siders are now likely to see more bright blue Revel Teslas in their neighborhood. Revel, the ride-sharing service that uses only Tesla electric cars, has expanded its area of ​​operation to include Manhattan up to 96th Street on both the east and west sides. Previously, its cars did not stop north of 72nd Street.

An email to customers said more extensions are “coming soon” and service hours are 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Revel is unique among ridesharing apps for only running electric vehicles — specifically Tesla’s Model Y — which reduces the company’s carbon emissions. Additionally, Revel’s drivers are company employees — unlike Uber and Lyft, which rely on contractors. “Revel is proud of the total rejection of the gig economy,” he says on the company’s website. For employees, that means “predictable paychecks and hours” as well as “access to health care and other benefits.”

While its blue Teslas are distinctive, Revel is perhaps best known as the company behind the controversial electric mopeds that have gained popularity during the pandemic but are considered by some to be too dangerous. In 2020, three riders died in crashes and service was temporarily suspended.

Revel’s combination of electric cars, mopeds and a subscription-based e-bike program (there is currently a waiting list) aims to create an all-electric transportation network for cities. Based in Brooklyn and founded in 2018, Revel also operates in DC, Miami and the Bay Area of ​​California. The Revel app is available for Apple and Android.