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Tom Brady asked Edwards to change sports

Many professional basketball players have talents that go beyond playing basketball. When they were growing up and playing in high school and sometimes even college, a lot of these guys were multi-sport athletes. These talents often tend to stick around for a while.

Count Anthony Edwards among those athletes who probably could have succeeded in other sports. Edwards recently posted a clip of himself running and tossing dimes in a football game with friends. Edwards’ skill justly caught the eye of Tom Brady, widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time. Brady asked Edwards to switch sports, saying, “I know money is good, but you’re not playing the right sport.”

Brady is known for trying to recruit just about every athlete he is friends with to his Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. He was able to recruit some of his friends who play football, like Rob Gronkowski, from South Florida, but other athletes, like LeBron James, didn’t want to make the jump. However, Edwards didn’t exactly rule out the idea in a response to Brady shortly after.

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Could Edwards make the jump to the NFL?

It should be noted that there is a very slim chance that Edwards is actually considering making a jump to the NFL. He’s becoming an NBA star and part of an upstart Minnesota Timberwolves team that could make some noise in the Western Conference next season.

If Edwards was considering making the jump to the NFL, chances are he’d do pretty well. As seen in basketball, with his shrewd layups and ferocious dunks, Edwards is a gifted athlete. The music video he posted on Twitter shows that his skills are not limited to the court.

If Edwards tried to go to the NFL, he could succeed as a tight end or a wide receiver. He has a taller frame for the NFL that would make him difficult to cover, while possessing the speed to outrun those who can physically match him. He’s also shown he has a good arm too, and given his athletic ability, Edwards could also become a dual-threat quarterback.

But for now, it looks like Edwards is sticking more to basketball, which is good for the NBA. Edwards is an extremely talented player, even though he’s only been in the league for two years, and it looks like he’ll only get better the longer he stays in the NBA.