Time is money, so don’t waste it: Meet Coach Max

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Chances are you’ve come across the phrase “time is money”. This is because money is considered one of the most important aspects of life. Everyone works hard to try to make a living. However, the difference between successful people and others lies in how they spend the 24 hours of their day. Success comes with many sacrifices, with time being one of the main determining factors. If you really want to know how time can make a difference in your life, then Coach Max is someone you need to check out.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Max Trainer is a fearless and passionate entrepreneur. The 29-year-old powerhouse is a notable public figure, director of forex education and a six-figure mentor. She is also a certified trader, technical analyst, and board-certified credit score consultant making significant strides in the industry. Coach Max’s industry expertise and savvy has seen her featured on the popular show ‘The Low Down’ on Xfinity TV Afrotainment Network and ‘The Raw Hype’.

Since entering the network market in 2015, Max Trainer has evolved to build teams in the multi-level marketing industry. She also invests a lot of time teaching others how to earn extra income, including new hires in the online space. A passionate mentor, Max Trainer also created a tribe of over 100,000 students and customers. She coaches them on business, business strategy planning, corporate branding, attraction marketing, organic social media monetization, personal development, financial literacy and realistic exit strategies. for daily workers.

Coach Max’s the content is largely aimed at mothers who are struggling now as she was years ago. She strives to inspire these moms to find the courage and energy to keep pushing, no matter how tough things get. Coach Max sees itself as living proof that you can achieve and accomplish any goal you set for yourself if you just have a little faith. There is never a time limit on what you can accomplish or when you can do it.

“If you know me personally or have seen any of my training, then you know I always talk about having a plan. If you plan to fail, then you will. That’s just it. People can learn a lot from me. I teach people how to be strong, develop their spirit to receive more in life, and learn skills that can break generational curses in their families,” says Coach Max.

Coach Max also believes that failure is not an option in life. It’s his favorite quote since his high school days and one that speaks to his resilience, perseverance, and posture.

In a few years, Max Trainer plans to expand its territory and teach people around the world. The goal is to have more students with more testimonies of his teachings. She also has ambitions to travel the world, with Dubai being one of her main destinations.

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