The World’s 10 Youngest Billionaires, As Of 2022

Several billionaires in the world today are under 30 years old but have reached the heights in their careers.

The world saw its first billionaire in 1987 when a 31-year-old Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, saw his net worth soar to a billion dollars and quickly became the richest man on Earth. Like Gates, self-made billionaires have seized the opportunity of nascent markets to build businesses that have earned them fortunes that can last a lifetime. Today’s youngest billionaires remain in their mid-to-late twenties and have already reached the heights in their careers.

From Stanford dropouts who started a business to cryptocurrency pundits and food delivery moguls, the list contains a diverse background of young people who have so much more to give the world. Let’s take a look at the world’s youngest billionaires in 2022.

ten Andy Fang ($1.1 billion)

At 30, Andy Fang has amassed a $1.1 billion fortune since co-founding smart startup Doordash, as noted Forbes. The app has a network that covers 850 cities in America and has become the largest food delivery solution in the country. Fang owns 4% of the shares of the company, which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In addition to being the co-founder, the Stanford grad serves as Chief Technology Officer for Doordash.

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9 Stanley Tang ($1.2 billion)

Stanley Tang worked at Facebook as a software engineer until he quit his job and co-founded Doordash with Andy Fang in 2013. company can include in its service, as well as on self-driving cars and robotics.

8 Katharina Andresen ($1.3 billion)

Johan H. Andresen Jr. founded Ferd, one of Norway’s largest private companies, and remained its CEO until 2012. In 2016, he sold his 42% stake in the company to Katharina Andresen , who then became the youngest billionaire. already. Ferd is listed on the Nordic Stock Exchange and deals in private equity and real estate.

7 Alexandra Andresen ($1.3 billion)

Younger sister of Katharina Andresen, Alexandra shares the 42% stake in the business with her sister who was left to her by her father. Jonah Andresen still owns 70% of the voting rights in the company and is its chairman. As mentioned by the Independentshe became a billionaire at just 19 and continues to work in the family business.

6 Henrique Dubugras ($1.5 billion)

Henrique Dubugras founded his first fintech start-up before going to university in 2013 called “”, which helped Brazilian merchants receive payments online. After selling the start-up in 2016, he moved to Stanford before dropping out to launch his fintech Brex, which offers cash and credit management solutions. The company is valued at $12.3 billion, with Dubugras owning a stake equal to $1.5 billion.

5 Pedro Franceschi ($1.5 billion)

Pedro Franceschi is the co-founder of Brex and another Stanford dropout who amassed a fortune of $1.5 billion. In 2018, the company raised $125 million in a round of Series C investments that boosted the valuation to $1.1 billion. The valuation has increased more than tenfold in four years and made young entrepreneurs billionaires.

4 Austin Russell ($1.6 billion)

Austin Russell dropped out of Stanford University as a new Silicon Valley tech mogul when he started looking for solutions to create automotive sensor technology. He received a $100,000 investment from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel to launch his company Luminar Technologies, as reported Luxury launches. He invented self-driving technology that took his net worth to $1.6 billion.

3 Ryan Breslow ($2.0 billion)

Ryan Breslow is the co-founder of a startup that helps online checkouts called Bolt Technologies Inc., which is currently valued at $11 billion. The company’s valuation has increased after an investment round in January 2022. Breslow owns a 25% stake in the company, causing its valuation to cross the $2 billion mark. The company plans to raise the valuation to $14 billion.

2 Kevin David Lehmann ($2.5 billion)

Kevin David Lehmann’s father, Guenther, invested in drogerie markt (dm), a drugstore chain in Germany, while running his grocery chain business in 1974. Today, the drugstore chain’s valuation has soared to $12 billion. Guenther, who had a 50% stake in the company, passed it on to his son Kevin who now has a net worth of $2.5 billion.

1 Gustav Magnar Witzøe ($4.5 billion)

One of the world’s youngest billionaires, Gustav Magnar Witzøe, is the son of Gustav Witzøe, owner of the world’s largest salmon-producing company, Salmar ASA. He received his stake as a gift from his father in 2013, which increased his net worth to $4.5 billion. According to Vogue Scandinaviathe business mogul is also a model who lives in Trondheim and manages to work in both sectors.

Other notable young billionaires include Wang Zelong, Jonathan Kwok and Hu Kunhui. Thanks to their heritage and self-made start-ups, young billionaires have created their marks in the business world with their work. With more investors believing in them and willing to collaborate, their valuations should rise.

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