The submarine cable linking Senegal to Cape Verde will be completed in the first quarter of 2022

Turnkey submarine network solutions provider HMN Tech has completed the marine installation of the Senegal Horn of Africa Regional Express (SHARE) submarine cable system, which will connect Dakar in Senegal to Praia in Cape Verde, improving thus West Africa’s international export bandwidth.

Funded by the Government of Senegal, the SHARE submarine cable system will serve to introduce a modernized international bandwidth route to West Africa, linking Senegal’s capital, Dakar, to the island country of Cape Verde, located off the west coast of Africa by the first quarter of 2022. .

The marine installation of the 720 km submarine cable system – with a nominal capacity of 16 terabytes per second – will be operated by the National Computer Agency of Senegal (ADIE). the marine facility is a key step towards achieving the first quarter objective.

The CEO of ADIE, Cheikh Bakhoum, underlined that “SHARE [is the] Senegal’s first fully state-owned submarine optical cable and provides a great strategic opportunity for Senegal and the West African region to have more internet capacity and better resilience.

Future branch units – equipment that allows the cable to serve multiple destinations – will give the SHARE submarine cable system the potential for future connectivity developments to other countries in the Economic Community of East African States. ‘Where is.

HMN Tech’s Executive Vice President Ma Yanfeng said that “(HMN Tech is) delighted to have completed marine installation activities which, in these difficult pandemic times, testifies to the deep working relationships with all our partners and ADIE. The SHARE cable will boost the digital economy of the region and facilitate the development of Smart Senegal”, concluding that “HMN Tech remains committed to developing reliable innovative technology that promotes industry evolution and accelerates global digital transformation”.

The SHARE cable system, provided by submarine telecommunications cable subsidiary, Huawei Marine, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022 and will rely on the existing international cable infrastructure from Cape Verde to Europe, l ‘South America and other regions, thus introducing a new bandwidth route. to Africa and accelerate the development of the digital economy of the West African region.