The LEO Export Network shares best practices for building relationships

Members of the newly formed Local Enterprise Office (LEO) South Dublin Exporters Network Photo by Ben Ryan

The recently formed Local Enterprise Office (LEO) South Dublin Exporters Network came together at an in-person event at County Hall, Tallaght, to build their business relationships and share best practice as they try to leverage their export sales activities and achievements.

Up to 20 micro-businesses from various sectors including technology and communications, manufacturing, food and drink, fashion and footwear have come together in Tallaght to create the LEO South Dublin Exporters Network.

Achievements and challenges were shared openly by these new exporting businesses in this peer-to-peer forum facilitated by LEO South Dublin.

While many companies have identified opportunities to work together to develop export market opportunities, this has also served to inform LEO’s formation and support the planning of future export development programs.

The benefits of the in-person networking event were very evident and members indicated that a follow-up was eagerly awaited.

Local Enterprise Office South Dublin has presented a number of events for Local Enterprise Week which runs from Monday 7th to 11th March.

This included the March 8 Internationalizing Your Business event.

Local Business Week is the perfect opportunity for many businesses to delve into a specific area of ​​interest and gather insights on a wide range of topics that may be relevant to their business now or in the future. to come up.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for someone interested in starting a business to get an idea of ​​some of the key areas of interest and how to take those first steps.