Ten beats seven in global network sharing; Animation of chased spinning tops

Network 10 surpassed Network Seven in overall network share on Monday night, while Nine celebrated the overall win.

In metropolitan markets, Nine finished with a 25.8% network share ahead of Ten’s 24.6%, just ahead of Seven’s 24.4%, while ABC had a 17.7% share.

In entertainment programming, Hunted on Ten topped entertainment for a second consecutive night on Monday, followed by Have You be Paying Attention with an average subway audience of 679,000. The program also won the top three ad demos.

Meanwhile, Back Roads on ABC drew 538,000 Tube viewers, while an episode of The Chase Australia was watched by 536,000 Tube viewers.


Hot Seat was next with an average Tube viewership of 441,000, while an episode of The Project 7 p.m. saw 432,000 Tube viewers tune in.

Home and Away had 429,000 Tube viewers, followed by The Very Best of the Best and Worst of Red Faces with a Tube audience of 407,000. Beauty and the Geek on Nine aired to 405,000 subway viewers.

In the latest Daily Consolidated Total TV Report on July 11, Seven News was the top national program on linear, with 1.606 million viewers, including 42,000 on BVOD, and an increase of 3%. The program with the biggest increase in the top 20 programs was 9-1-1 Lonestar on Seven with a 67% increase, watched by 388,000 total viewers and 44,000 on BVOD.

Seven News was the No. 1 subway program on Monday with 975,000 subway viewers, followed by Seven News at 6:30 a.m. with 914,000 subway viewers. Nine News at 6:30 p.m. was next with 897,000 subway viewers, and Nine News with 884,000 viewers.

A Current Affair attracted 690,000 viewers in the subway, ABC News saw 619,000 and ABC 7:30 News attracted 4,585,000 viewers in the five major capitals.

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