Spice Money featured on Disney+ Hotstar show

Spice Money featured on Disney+ Hotstar show

Spice Money, India’s leading rural fintech revolutionizing the way Bharat banks, was featured in the very first episode of “The Great Indian Troublemakers” show on Disney+ Hotstar, presented by Digital Refresh Networks. This is a first of its kind show featuring 5 startups that are creating disruption in the country, Spice Money being one of them disrupting the rural fintech industry. The show describes Spice Money’s journey and how the start-up has taken significant steps to drive last-mile financial inclusion in the most remote corners of India.

Rural India, home to more than 65% of the country’s population, does not have easy access to its own money. The show highlights how much of the rural population has to travel long distances and spend hours, just to access their own money, with no guarantee of getting it the same day, then goes on to show how Spice Money has started creating a chain of digital entrepreneurs, deep in rural India, called the Adhikari Ecosystem to help address this challenge. The episode goes on to highlight the nationwide lockdown during the pandemic, how the resulting reverse migration has affected the rural population, the rise in unemployment in these areas, the growing need for financial services in the rear -country and how Spice Money met these challenges head-on. It showcases the country’s leading rural fintech efforts to help Bharat by introducing the “Zero Investment Commercial Proposal”, through which rural youth and job seekers can become nanopreneurs and join the Adhikari ecosystem totally free thus responding to two major challenges, the lack of access to banking and financial services as well as the growing unemployment rate in rural India. The show also features real Spice Money Adhikaris from across the country who have been working on the ground helping rural customers access banking and financial services.

Spice Money now has an extensive network of 10,000,000 Adhikaris (traders/nanopreneurs) in semi-urban and rural parts of the country who are constantly working to help the rural population access banking and financial services. Spice Money has established a vast assisted digital ecosystem that penetrates 95% of rural PINs, spanning 700 districts, 250,000 villages, 5,000 blocks and serving over 2 million monthly customers. The show highlights how Spice Money is working to bridge the rural-urban divide and empower the country’s rural population.

Commenting on the partnership, Dilip Modi, Founder of Spice Money, said: “We are honored to be featured on a show that highlights the disruptive stories of India’s leading start-ups. As Spice Money remains committed to driving financial inclusion for underbanked and underserved rural communities, this show attempts to bring this story, the story of the real India, to a wider audience.Through this show, people would understand the challenges and opportunities prevalent in rural India and we hope they will come forward and will work together to empower rural communities in India, thereby advancing the country’s economic growth in a positive direction.”

Commenting on the partnership, Sanjeev Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Spice Money, said:“At Spice Money, we have always strived to empower Bharat and provide essential financial services in the hinterlands of the country. The show reminded us of all the challenges we faced, the opportunities we created , the trust we have built and the happiness we have brought so far. Our whole team is thrilled and looking forward to the launch of the show.

Commenting on the initiative, Barin Mukherjee, CEO Co-Founder, DRN said: “The great Indian disruptors open up a different paradigm in brand storytelling. We talked about content on OTT as a key driver for building stories for brands in the future. This show is the start of that journey for us and also establishes DRN’s capability in the content space.”

The show covers the journey of 5 companies, in building disruptive businesses that have changed the way business is done and created businesses that impact millions of people across the country.