Skale Network price pulls back as user growth stats soar

Skale Community’s value barely rebounded on Thursday as buyers awaited Jerome Powell’s statement at the Jackson Gap Symposium. The price of SKL reached a high of $0.063, which was the best level since August 17. It rose about 40% above the low level this month.

What is the Skale Community?

Sensitive contract activity is extremely aggressive, with Ethereum being the market leader. Other major players in the industry are Solana, BNB Chain, and Tron.

Skale Community is a brilliant contract platform that changes the way this business works by giving builders a platform to build goals across industries. Unlike Ethereum, Skale has no gas fees and has the ability to use a wide variety of fast, on-demand, multi-tenant security blockchains.

It also allows OEMs to deploy their own EVM blockchain in minutes without compromising speed and security. More importantly, Skale is a completely decentralized platform that belongs to the group. A few of its various options are its chain file storage options, modular and linear scaling, and immediate finality.

The value of the Skale community has increased a few days ago due to the strong statistics of the ecosystem. Last week, the builders announced that the platform had processed over 3 million transactions. The quantity has increased to over 3.6 million now. Previously 30 days, it processed over 2.1 million transactions.

This happened because the variety of active customers went parabolic. In July, it had less than 10,000 customers while in August the number is approaching 20,000. This development has led to a considerable amount of financial savings on the payment of gasoline. In August, customers saved more than $10 million in gas costs, more than the $8 million saved in July.

Skale Community Value Prediction

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The daily chart reveals that the value of SKL has been in a strong bullish pattern a few days ago. It managed to move from this month’s low of $0.040 to the current $0.054. The coin remains considerably below the necessary resistance level at $0.092, which was the lowest level in January of this year.

Skale continues to be below the 50-day and 25-day moving averages and it has shaped a small head and shoulders inverted sample. Thereafter, the coin will likely continue higher as the bulls aim for the next key resistance level at $0.092.