Share of employees who are the lowest paying jobs in Mexico

  • Through a video on the social network, certain multinationals which offer uncompetitive salaries and barely above the Smic have been arrested.

  • Companies like McDonald’s and Oxxo are the protagonists of this video, which shows the average salary of an employee.

  • The minimum wage in Mexico is currently the highest in 34 years, rising from $141.70 per day to 172.87 pesos, for a total of 5,255 pesos per month per employee.

Some of Mexico’s most famous companies are also included According to the testimony of the workers, they offer the lowest paying jobs in the country,

Likewise, specific studies indicate that a large part of the population prefers jobs where competitive compensation and responsible employee behavior are valued.

The share of the workforce that has the lowest paying jobs in Mexico

A social network user has shared the lowest salaries in Mexico via a video. In some cases, several well-known brands from Mexico have emerged, such as Oxoxo, La Comer and McDonald’sOf course, these testimonials can only show what is paid in certain franchises and only in certain positions, so it is not clear if this is generalized.

However, if we look at portals like reallyWe will be able to see how certain positions are offered, for example the Oxoxo brand 5 thousand 6 thousand pesos.

Here are some of the brands featured in the video:

  • Zara: The employee indicates that he is paid fortnightly in the form of four thousand pesos, or approximately 266 pesos.
  • McDonald’s: The interviewer indicated that she earned 23.60 pesos an hour, so a full 8-hour day would be 190 pesos.
  • La Comer: A brand employee says he earns 180 pesos a day.
  • Oxoxo: In a Mexican store, say a cashier, you earn about 130 pesos a day,
  • Pemex: As mentioned, a gas station employee earns around 200 pesos a day with everything and tips.
  • Guadalajara Pharmacies: Here, the employee says she earns about 6,400 pesos a month, or about 213 pesos a day.

Here is the video shared by the user:

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As a result, the feedback was immediate, as many also wryly pointed out that “the price of roast chicken is worth 8 hours of work for many people”.

Here is what netizens commented:

“The only one that’s not true is the gas distributor, they make a lot of money”, henrichbow

“And to think that a roast chicken is worth 8 hours of work for many people” giovannamurillo026

“And it’s a shame that the lowest paying jobs are in multi-million dollar companies, many of which are international,” MX Historian

“They want to pay me $5,000 a month with a bachelor’s degree,” Danielle Lopez

“Me, in view of the enormous demand that arrives at Oxoxo for non-payment of the minimum wage”, Ali Navarro

mexico pay gap

The wage gap and low wages in Mexico have been important topics of discussion in Mexico. In fact, in Mexico most workers earn very low wages, and according to data from the National Occupation and Employment Survey published by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) from from 2021, 3.25 million Mexicans do not even receive income for their work.

Moreover, the same study shows that only 13.61 million people earn up to the minimum wage; While they are 19.94 million to receive a labor income of between one and two Smic per month. The above means that by the end of 2021, 65% of those doing business in the country, receive a maximum of two minimum wages per day, according to the price established by Konasami. 172.87 Mexican pesos per day.

Another study titled “Work Environment Trends in Mexico 2018 (TELM)” developed by Kelly Services revealed the same when asked “What should you do to make your business feel more loyal? »50% of respondents said they should pay a more competent salary.

Consequently, Mexico is in a major imbalance, so there is still a long way to go to move towards the small wage gap; Companies need to pay attention to this if they want to avoid job rotation.

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