SHARE Foundation opens 2023 grant cycle

Courtesy of the SHARE Foundation

The SHARE Foundation recently conducted a county-wide needs reassessment to determine the real-time issues facing our families and communities.

This joint effort with more than 170 stakeholders included nonprofits, clergy, teachers, teens, parents/grandparents, law enforcement, mental health professionals, aldermen and the Parks and Playgrounds Commission.

Union County needs assessments are not new. Since the 1980s, local agencies, including SHARE, have taken the initiative to assess and reassess the needs of its residents, which happens every 4-5 years. The results are used to update the direction of current prevention and response efforts across the county and to expand collaborations in identified areas to better serve our families.

The top-ranked areas in 2022 are health, focusing on mental health and addiction, economy, education, social and community, and neighborhoods. These are linked to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s Healthy People 2030 and the five social determinants of health.

The results of these efforts are published in the Union County Impact Plan which can be found on the SHARE Foundation website at

2023 grant cycle

The SHARE Foundation has awarded $8.5 million in grants and strategic initiatives to 92 nonprofit organizations in Union County since 1997. SHARE Foundation grants continue with the vision to proactively address issues of our community as determined by residents and other credible sources such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Rankings and county roadmaps.

SHARE will continue in this direction by awarding grants in 2023 to eligible Union County nonprofits working in areas outlined in the Union County Impact Plan. Grantees will use the results of the needs assessment to collaborate, adapt, develop, and expand evidence-based programs and services in Union County.

A link to the eligibility criteria and online application can be found at

SHARE grants are great opportunities for local nonprofits to collaborate with others to provide children, adults, and families with the resources and community support they need to succeed and thrive. We encourage grant proposals for the next cycle, which ends October 15. Please review the Impact Plan and Grant Criteria to help you write and submit your proposals.

Contact Debbie Watts, Vice President of Community Impact at the SHARE Foundation, at 870-881-9015 for more information and to get involved.

SHARE Foundation is a Union County non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of the community. The Union County Violence Response Plan (VIP) was developed to provide a region-wide network of supports, opportunities, and activities focused on best practice strategies for an engaged community. change the chances of individuals and families in need. The VIP can be viewed at