Save money with Horn Fly Control

Save money with Horn Fly Control

With your southeast regional farm newspaper, I’m Haylie Shipp.

Ready to save money? Today we talk about horn fly control with Paul Kropp of Central Life Sciences. I had the opportunity to speak to Paul about the stress that horn fly infestations can have on livestock. If you’re stressed, you’re not performing. It’s the same whether you’re a human or an ungulate.

“Our economic losses are around $40 per head, that’s what the data will show. So just by decreasing those fly populations and keeping them under 200 per head, we’re seeing about a 15% increase in average daily gain. We find that the return on investment is around 13 to 1.”

Return on investment for what? He talks about Altosid IGR – a walkthrough solution for horn fly control.

“Altsosid IGR, being an insect growth regulator, is a truly unique product on the market. Even though it has been out for a long time, we have no documented cases of resistance. is that we are mimicking a natural hormone in this fly, so this fly, during its development process, thinks it is fully developed, but it really isn’t, and so we never see the emergence of this adult fly.

A study confirming a 15.8% increase in daily weight gains for cattle treated with IGR.