Saquon Barkley Trade Rumours: Latest on Giants’ Asking Price, Outside Interest | Launderer’s report

Bill Kostrun/Associated Press

The official start of the 2022 NFL free agency and league year will kick off at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday. While teams have been able to contact free agents and negotiate since Monday, nothing will become official until 4 p.m.

That’s also when teams have to be under the 2022 salary cap, which means a lot of dominoes will fall on Wednesday. Could a New York Giants running back trade Saqion Barkley be one of them? It’s entirely possible.

ESPN Dan Graziano thinks the running back might be about to come off.

“More and more I feel like Saquon Barkley won’t be on the Giants in 2022,” Graziano wrote.

It’s not a surprising expectation, as new general manager Joe Schoen has been open about his desire to move Barkley for the right price. The Giants are also reportedly looking for offers for cornerback James Bradberry, but few teams appear to have shown interest.

“The Giants are still ‘open’ to trading Saquon Barkley and James Bradberry,” Ralph Vacchiano from SNY wrote. “It still doesn’t look like they would be able to get what they wanted in exchange for either, at least not yet. In their continued efforts to clear the salary cap space, the Giants have spoken with multiple teams about trading the two players, according to multiple NFL sources, but so far the market doesn’t look solid.”

The asking price is likely the sticking point for teams with outside interest. Barkley has been hampered by injuries the past two years, but he was a rookie Pro Bowler and he rushed for over 1,000 yards in each of his first two seasons.

Barkley finished his inaugural campaign with 1,307 rushing yards, 721 receiving yards and 15 combined touchdowns. Teams will be interested if they think the Penn State product can return to that level of production.

According to Jordan Schultz of The Game Day NFL, the Giants rated Barkley as if they weren’t eager to move him:

Jordan Schultz @Schultz_Report

I spoke with two teams, both of whom told me the #Giants’ potential asking price for Saquon Barkley was very significant. An assistant general manager also said: ‘I don’t feel like they really want to trade him. To me it’s just show, but Joe [Schoen] would like a 1.

While Schoen may be hoping for a first-round pick, he may have to accept less to move Barkley. According to Zack Rosenblatt from, Barkley just wouldn’t order this on the trade market.

“The buzz at the combine was that Barkley could probably win a fourth-round pick in a trade, maybe a conditional pick to move him to a third based on playing time or performance-based incentives” , wrote Rosenblatt. “It’s unclear if that has changed or if Schoen is more willing to accept less to clear Barkley’s cap shot.”

While Barkley has shown his pro talent, his injuries are an obvious concern. Additionally, Barkley is in the final year of his rookie contract and wouldn’t have much control over the team. New York can ask what they want, but that doesn’t mean the teams will be ready.

New York may also be in dire financial straits, and others know it. The Giants are always $6.4 million on the sap, and something will have to give before Wednesday afternoon. If it’s Barkley, the Giants look likely to recover far less than they would like for the 2018 second pick.