Pennsbury Prom chairs share insight into Promi-Con preparations

The Pennsbury Prom Committee, led by Terry Poulton, Shannon Poulton, Curtis May, Margaret Weber and Tara Bellman, have worked so hard over the past few months on some amazing artwork, paintings and 3D creations.

Our theme this year is Promi-Con, which is all things Comic Con. We have murals from Marvel, Star Wars and even Harry Potter. This great event brings students, parents and the community together to help Pennsbury host “America’s Best Prom”.

From a ball chair perspective, Promi-Con is a bit different. We are now responsible for our own murals and showing the other helpers what to do. We had to find a theme, draw our murals, cut and paste them and much more.

There is a lot of work to be done before painting, tracing and glittering.

This year we decided to branch out on social media to get as much help as possible to get these murals done before prom.

Being a prom chair has its ups and downs. There were a lot of fun days where we connected more with other prom presidents, and there were some really stressful days where things weren’t going our way.

It’s worth it in the end and the expressions on people’s faces when they see these amazing murals make it 10 times better.

Creating just one mural for the Pennsbury prom takes multiple wall spotlights and hours of dedication.  The theme this year is Promi-Con.

What does it take to create a fresco?

First, on grid paper, the wall design is sketched and traced with a permanent marker. Then transparencies are made and projected onto much larger paper – the mural itself. With many hands at work, at least four spotlights, and plenty of markers, a gymnasium mural can be drawn up in three to four hours.

From there, the ball chairs mix paint colors to match the characters in their designs. The Gym Murals group set out to create TV network themed artwork, choosing to create murals inspired by Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney and CW.

At the end of each day, special paint blowers are brought out to dry the freshly painted posters. Each mural must be carefully rolled up once the session is over.

Preparation for the Pennsbury Senior Prom requires dozens of volunteers, who spend hours drawing, painting and hanging murals.  This year's theme is

Once ALL the murals are fully painted and sketched, they are beautified during Glitter Night, which took place on June 2. Finally, on the day the ball is set up, June 3, all of the murals and artwork are hung with the help of the Pennsbury community.

Senior Prom has always been a big deal, but Pennsbury is taking the event to the next level. All the decorations, floats and entertainment are overdone year after year, and this year will be the most “back to normal”.

Pennsbury students are thrilled to attend “America’s Best Prom”.

Krishna Thaker, Mary Kate O’Donnell and Madison Russell are seniors at Pennsbury High School. Krishna and Mary Kate chaired the prom committee.