Oasis Network Price Analysis: The ROSE Downtrend

  • ROSE quickly moves down. Will the price of ROSE increase or decrease?
  • The current price of ROSE is 0.09514
  • The ROSE/BTC pair is currently at 0.000003827 BTC

The Oasis network started a downtrend and continues the downtrend. The ROSE tried to regain its potential. ROSE tried to beat this trend, but couldn’t. The bulls fail in their strategies. They should improvise ROSE’s price escalation plans. If the bull still works with the previous strategies, then ROSE will lose its potential. This bull action is leading to moves in ROSE’s whales that could somehow help investors decide on the right side of the trade view.

The current price of ROSE is around $0.09514. With a drop of around 4.21%. The ROSE/BTC pair is around 0.000003827 BTC and it is down around 3.71%, the price is gradually gaining downward momentum, showing that the sellers are getting involved in the trade. If the bulls could enter the trade and achieve the desired targets. This could bring revolution to ROSE investors. The price may move up to the primary resistance which is around $0.1009. If the uptrend continues, the price may reach a secondary resistance of $0.1133, this may be a turning point. Bull’s plans will work out or ROSE will enter the uptrend storm. The rise of ROSE will break the backbone of the bears. And if the downtrend directs the trade, the price may reach the primary support at $0.08063 and the price might get attracted by the bears and it might reach the secondary support at $0.04713.

The slightly moving volume indicates that the selling pressure is easing and the buyers are now showing their movement. Volume was up around 1.35% during the intraday trading session. The volume to market capitalization ratio is around 0.1095. Oasis Network has fought very hard to achieve upward momentum with significant potential. The bulls sought to push the movement of the currency, while the bears manipulated the token market. Both bears and bulls are working hard to bring the ROSE price to the desired levels. The changing price range on the daily price chart makes it difficult for investors to determine the correct movement of the ROSE.

The technical indicator shows the following: the Relative Strength Index is heading towards neutrality. The bulls tried hard to normalize the RSI. But the bears exploited the bulls’ blueprints and took the RSI into the overbought region. ROSE investors relied on the bulls to meet their expectations. But the downtrend crushes investors’ expectations. ROSE investors eagerly await any change in direction on the daily price chart.


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