Nonprofits that serve low- and moderate-income people show fewer signs of Covid disruption


The Biden administration is giving $66.5 million to community groups to reach the remaining pockets of unvaccinated people who still want to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Health Secretary Xavier Becerra said there are millions of Americans who fall into this category, so the government is reaching out to “trusted voices in our communities across the country so they can reach people”. The money will go to groups in 38 states and Washington, DC, including Communities RISE Together, a coalition supported by the nonprofit Institute of Public Health. RISE will receive $11 million. With a previous round of funding, one of the leaders of this effort said it had secured services including food, shelter and mental health support for around 160,000 people and vaccinated more than 137,800. and “probably a few hundred thousand more who got vaccinations elsewhere as a result of [outreach] efforts.” (WAMU)

The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual list of top donors suggests that the wave of donations to racial justice and social service causes in 2020 has been fleeting and that most of the wealthiest Americans are still sitting on their piles of cash. silver. A public policy scholar noted that racial equity and social justice nonprofits ranked 14th among recipients in 2020, but did not make the top 20 last year. “The fact that social and racial justice was not a top priority for top donors in 2021 makes me wonder to what extent concerns about systemic inequality, driven by the events of 2020, will remain a top priority for top donors. in the future,” said Jasmine McGinnis Johnson of Georgetown University. Only 14 of the more than 230 people who signed the Giving Pledge made it to the top 50. 50 top donors. For billionaires who have signed the Giving Pledge, it’s worth asking why they’re waiting. What advantage do they see in giving later rather than earlier? said David Campbell, of Binghamton University, State University of New York. (Conversation)

More, See it all in the Chronicle’s new Philanthropy 50 report.
(Philanthropy 50: Top Donors of 2021)

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