Nickelodeon Offered Jennette McCurdy Hush Money To Shut Up About Abuse – Hits 96

“iCarly” star jennette mccurdy submits his new memoirs, “I’m glad my mother is dead”, tomorrow . . . and it really does look like a must-read. In a new clip released over the weekend, Jennette describes being harassed by a male boss whom she identifies only as “The Creator”.

She says this guy gave her alcohol when she was just 18, at a private dinner party before the launch of the “iCarly” spin off “Sam and Cat”. He also massaged her without her consent.

She writes, quotes: “My shoulders have a lot of knots, but I don’t want the Creator to be the one to erase them. I want to say something, to tell him to stop, but I’m so afraid of offending him.

A year later, as “Sam and Cat” was coming to an end, Nickelodeon gave her $300,000 as a “thank you gift.” But there was one condition: she couldn’t speak publicly about her experiences with The Creator.

She says, I quote: “What is the [eff]? . . . This is a network with shows made for kids. Shouldn’t they have some sort of moral compass? Shouldn’t they at least try to conform to some sort of ethical standard? »

I’m not one to point fingers, but a lot of people say the creator is Dan Schneiderthe producer behind a ton of popular Nick shows, including “All that”, “Amanda’s Show”, “Drake & Josh”, “Zoey 101”, “iCarly”, “Victorious”and “Sam and Cat”.

Nickelodeon cut ties with him in 2018, due to allegations of abuse. . . and the fact that he was apparently obsessed with his young actresses barefoot.

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