NIA arrests Salim Fruit, brother-in-law of D-Company’s Chota Shakeel: Details

Thursday, August 4, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) apprehended Salim Fruit, also known as Mohammed Salim Qureshi, for extortion and terrorist financing. This is the third arrest in the suo moto FIR registered by the NIA on February 3 against Dawood Ibrahim and the terrorists of his network. 2 other terrorists were arrested in the case by the NIA on May 12.

Salim is the brother-in-law of deceased mobster Chota Shakeel, who worked with the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. A suo moto FIR was filed against him by the central agency on February 3.

The case concerns the promotion of terrorist activities such as smuggling, narcoterrorism, circulation of counterfeit Indian currency, money laundering and working in close association with international terrorists and jihadist groups such as JeM, LeT, Al-Qaeda and the acquisition of assets to raise funds for terrorism. The case was filed against Dawood Ibrahim and his terrorist network.

According reports, Salim Fruit played an active role in extorting large sums of money on behalf of Chhota Shakeel. These funds were then used to fund terrorism and continue the criminal activities of Company D.

The accused is from a family that sold fruit in South Mumbai, earning him the nickname “Salim Fruit”. Underworld henchman Don Dawood Ibrahim, he was deported from the United Arab Emirates to India in 2006. He was reportedly kept in prison until 2010.

In February this year, the National Investigation Agency revealed that Dawood Ibrahim was planning to launch terrorist attacks against India using explosives and lethal weapons. The underworld don allegedly formed a special unit with the aim of inciting violence in different parts of the country.

He also planned to assassinate some famous political leaders and businessmen and had made plans to completely destroy the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. The matter came to light after the Law Enforcement Directorate carried out raids in 9 locations in Mumbai and one in Thane.