Nervos Network Price Predictions: How High Can Red-Hot CKB Crypto Go in 2021?

The leaves will soon change color and start falling from the trees. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are now on sale at your local Starbucks. But somehow it’s starting to feel like spring again. This is because the April 2021 altcoin mania is coming back in September. Altcoins are booming left and right, and investors are starting to spread their bets across large swaths of cryptos in hopes that one will appear. Investors in the Nerve network (CCC:CKB-USD) are among the new winners of the game; Nervos network price predictions are also in demand as investors wonder how far the coin can go.

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Nervos is a rather interesting product for investors, especially those interested in decentralized finance (DeFi). With the Universal Apps feature of Nervos, users can transfer DApps from any network they choose. The result is a network in which all the tools and wallets one might need are grouped together for easy use.

One of the main strengths of Nervos is its scalability. Users can securely store crypto assets on a secure chain and execute transactions at scale using the network’s smart contract capabilities. The network’s CKB coin is the fuel of the chain, providing a medium of exchange for purchasing other crypto assets. The company also leases the token as a store of value, encouraging investors to hold onto the coin.

Nervos Network Price Prediction Intensifies As CKB Surpasses Two Hundred

Nervos CKB coin is a cheap buy for users; its price now stands at two cents apiece. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have growth potential. In fact, the two cent value it captured today is the result of a 32% gain catalyzed this morning. In addition to the coin’s 30% gain over seven days, its appreciation has been very favorable to Nervos investors. Since early August, the network has been able to double its market cap.

The valuation is a long way from its all-time high of four cents, but it could very well hit a new high. It should be noted that the price of four cents was reached in March, at the height of the altcoin mania in early 2021. With things looking terribly similar to that time, it might be worth to buckle up and buy the coin .

What do analysts think of Nervos Network‘s price predictions? Is the coin doomed to retake previous highs? Let’s take a look:

  • Government capital sees the CKB coin retake previous highs around this time next year. The outlet’s September 2022 forecast targets a five-cent valuation for Nervos.
  • PortfolioInvestor takes a more conservative stance on Nervos. The outlet predicts that in September next year, the coin will earn less than a penny on top of its current price.
  • DigitalCoin offers long-term prediction on Nervos, and it does not call for huge swipe wins. The CKB fixed outlet for a valuation of five cents by the start of 2025.
  • PredictionPriceCryptocurrency offers one of the most bullish projections; by September next year, the site says CKB could be worth over six cents.

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