Money expert Bobbi Rebell on the best and worst purchases she’s made

Bobbi Rebell / Bobbi Rebell

Everyone has buyer’s remorse, even finance professionals and celebrities. GOBankingRates’ new series explores the purchases these notable figures regret – and the best money they’ve ever spent. Today we present to you Bobbi Rebelauthor of “Launching Financial Grownups” and personal finance expert at Tally.

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My best buy

I splurged on a very expensive Moncler coat. I had read a review of them in a magazine that explained how the coats were made and why they were worth the high price. I bought this in a dark purple color and loved it for about five years with many compliments. The best part: I resold it on The RealReal for almost as much as I paid, and in turn bought an updated style in black that I still have today!

My worst purchase

A share of the Hamptons right after I bought my apartment at 23. I had the equity in my new home and took out a home equity line of credit to pay for the Hamptons share – and all the parties and expensive meals/cocktails/pretty outfits that came with it. I didn’t want to ask my parents for help because I wanted to be independent, so I was independently in debt!

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