Is a pump about to hit the ANKR/USDT pair?

Two successive days of price gains on the ANKR/USDT pair have boosted ANKR price predictions higher. Monday’s 13.9% gain was followed by Tuesday’s 6.33% upward move. Wednesday brought some profit taking as the pair is currently trading $2.7 lower at the time of writing. The ANKR token has garnered some interest after the company purchased FantomFDN Tools Remote Procedure Call (RPC) tools to expand its decentralized public RPC support.

Public RPC support provides a more open blockchain endpoint and powers applications and wallets built on the Web 3.0 infrastructure. It also creates more decentralization for the nodes that power the blockchain, which reduces the vulnerability of the network to attacks and hacks. ANKR hopes to use this public RPC to make its network more scalable and decentralized. ANKR’s 50+ channels currently serve over 20,000 RPC endpoints.

ANKR has also launched an Earn program, where users can withdraw their BNB tokens and earn rewards. The user can access instant liquidity in the form of aBNBb. You can buy aBNBb at a discount using a decentralized exchange and delete it on ANKr Earn to get a small profit. This staking mechanism also makes the price of aBNBb more resilient to the impact of the size of the liquidity pool.

ANKR Price Prediction Outlook

Tuesday’s break of the 0.07354 resistance was followed by a move back towards the broken resistance. This new support should resist this move, and an accompanying bounce should make 0.08154 the next target in line. After that, 0.09633 becomes viable if the advance continues, with the Dec 28/Jan 3 highs at 0.11952 coming into play if price appreciation continues.

On the other hand, the breakdown of the former resistance of 0.07354 turned support could allow the price to deteriorate towards 0.05475. As a result, the June 27, 2021 low at 0.06754 could be a temporary pit stop. Only on a dip below 0.05475 can 0.04115 (22nd Feb 2021 high) become a viable target to the south.

ANKR/USDT: Daily Chart