How to Share Instagram Posts with QR

A new feature on Instagram to make it easier for you

It is true that today if what you have is an Instagram profile, you have already done everything, since it is a magnificent portal where you can find new people. The photography app lets you post all kinds of contentfind new profiles by their content and talk to whoever you want.

So now, and to take it a step further, Instagram has launched a feature that allows users to share anyone’s posts or reels via a QR code.

Additionally, users can also share the location of a QR code through their map search experience. While users usually think of sharing messages via direct messages or via URL, QR codes can be effective in marketing campaigns, for example to highlight its own companies or projects. But,how it is and how it works?

How is it

This is the most normal in the app and its thing is that they are shared either by direct IG or by any messaging app you have handy on your smartphone. This is when the company introduced the ability to share your profile and username in this way years ago, so it was to be expected that at some point, the application allows it.

As was the case when sharing your profile on the social network, the QR code does not lack any colors or frills, and it is also slightly customizable, and you can choose to message it or show it in person. Also, the good thing is that we can scan any of these codes with a QR app to use.

Alternatively, on the web, users can append “/qr” to a message’s URL to generate a QR code. To do this, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the post you want to share.
  • Click on To share.
  • Picking out QR Code.
  • save it to your gallery and send it or show it

We can also customize it

This, for posts and reels, but it is also possible to share locations as a QR code, which can be useful, for example, to place in a much photographed place and that those who are there can see the photos that other people have taken there after scanning it. The path is exactly the same, but from the results of a place

Just as happened when creating QR codes to share a profile, Instagram likes bragging design, and for this reason the QR code is somewhat diverse, with the social network’s own logo in the corners and in the center, and even with the possibility of customizing the color gradient you want to use in the QR. This feature can be useful in many use cases. Good to post these Instagram QR codes in different places to promote future works, know how to go to a reel with which to know the next song of our favorite music group or artist…