How to make money fast in Saint Row

Getting money in Saints Row is key to affording the best guns, cars, and crime-trading gear, and you can make money fast through Side Hustles, Ventures, and Missions. Remember that you have to spend money to earn money, and story progression will really help you earn money, so make sure you don’t neglect the main missions while you play and be prepared to spend a lot when you start. These investments will pay off though, as later in the game you can count on buying and upgrading Ventures for sweet passive income and repeatable Side Hustles for quick cash. Here’s what you need to know to make money fast in Saints Row.

How to make money in Saints Row

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Saint Row is the kind of game that rewards almost everything you do with cash and XP – there’s plenty to spend your money on too, including clothing, vehicles, and weapons in Saints Row. However, there are definitely a few things you should focus on if you’re looking to rack up a lot of cash, and maybe some Saints Row XP, for your criminal enterprises:

  • Tasks: Saints Row missions are obviously the main path through the game’s story, but also offer plenty of rewards along the way, including decent cash payouts of a few thousand. You will also need to play through missions to unlock other Saints Row systems and features that will help you get more money, namely the Ventures which are unlocked after completing the “Networking” mission.
  • Secondary pushes: Saints Row is full of Side Hustle missions that ask you to quickly complete some sort of criminal activity. For example, Choplifting missions allow you to steal items using a helicopter. Many Side Hustles can be repeated and cash rewards are given each time – usually $4,000. The Choplifting mission in Old Town East (just east of Saints HQ) can easily be completed in under two minutes, so you can easily get over $25,000 in around 15 minutes. Completing Main Missions and Side Hustles also unlocks more Side Hustles, so be sure to check your map regularly for any new hustle to take on. You might even be able to do this with friends through co-op and cross-play in Saints Row.
  • Companies: Criminal enterprises in Saints Row will be one of your main sources of income to finance your extravagant purchases. Every business you own pays an hourly income that goes directly to the Cash app on your phone. You can increase each company’s income by eliminating threats in the nearby area, completing required objectives, and completing their scenarios – minigames like Saints Row’s insurance fraud minigame can also earn you more money. Doing all of this will net you several rewards unique to The Venture, like clothes to help you change your appearance in Saints Row (opens in a new tab), as well as $30,000 in cash. We recommend buying Saints Row Ventures whenever you can to increase your passive income, because what you lose in the short term is more than profitable in the long term. Be sure to regularly transfer your Passive Income money from the Cash app as there is a cap on how much it can hold, and any excess money cannot be taken back later!
  • Contracts sought: Use the Wanted app on your phone to access a selection of bounties to hunt. Each takes you on a small mission and offers a $5,000 reward for your efforts. Side Hustles can be completed much faster and can be repeated, so Wanted Bounties aren’t as good, but $5,000 is better than nothing.
  • Enemies defeated: It’s not the most lucrative part of Saints Row, but be sure to smash all the enemies you’ve beaten to get back the money they dropped. This will earn you a surprising amount of money which should contribute well to your bankroll and over time will make a big difference on your bank statement.