How to Access Network Share File on 2022 Chromebooks

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Check How to Access Network Share File on Chromebooks

It’s no secret that most Chromebooks don’t have a lot of internal storage. For those of us who want to hoard files or just maintain an expansive media library, we have to look to other external storage options. But what if that external storage is another device you have at home, like a Mac, PC, or NAS (network-attached storage), and you want to view or edit those files on your Chromebook? while it is still on your local network?

Previously, you could only do this by downloading an extension made by Google called Network File Share, but that extension has since been removed from the Chrome Web Store and replaced with functionality built right into the Chrome OS Files app. We regularly share files between my Chromebook and my Mac Mini. Of course, you can also use Google Drive for this, but we’ve found that sharing a file directly on my local network is faster than uploading it to the cloud and re-uploading it.

How to Access Network File Sharing on Chromebooks

Add a Network Share to Chrome OS

Here are the basic steps. I assume your Chromebook is already configured and connected to the same local network that hosts your shares. If you don’t know how to set up a network share, see this article: Share a USB drive through your Wi-Fi router.

  • Go to Chrome Web Store and install the app called Network File Share for Chrome OS.
  • Open the Files app on your Chromebook.
  • On the left side, click Add new services.
  • Choose Network File Sharing for Chome OS.
  • Enter the share path of your network file share. You can use the standard Windows format like EXAMPLE-HOSTSHARE or an SMB URL like smb://EXAMPLE-HOST/SHARE. You can also use an IP address instead of a hostname.
  • If your network share requires credentials, check the “My file share needs a password” box to enter a username and password.
  • Click Mount.

Your network share now appears on the left side of your Files app. You can copy files here, move files from here, add new files, delete files, and edit files, just like on your Google Drive. Movie playback is perfect. It really is the best thing you can do with a DVD drive in your laptop now that optical drives are “legacy hardware”.

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