Ghana Telecommunications Chamber sets up alert systems to combat mobile money fraud

The Ghana Telecommunications Chamber is setting up alert systems to identify and combat mobile money fraud.

Indeed, as mobile money services continue to evolve, new types of fraud are emerging in the industry.

Identity theft through SIM card swapping, promotional and social engineering scams are the most reported incidents of fraud. This resulted in significant economic loss for users.

So far, 35,000 cases of fraud have been reported to the Ghana Telecommunications Chamber. About 28,000 devices were blocked. Seventeen thousand identifiers were blacklisted.

While some elites have been victims of these scams, actors in the informal sector are mostly easy prey.

As part of World Consumer Rights Day, the Telecommunications Chamber raises awareness of agent and consumer fraud.

It is under the theme “Fair Digital Finance”.

Ghana Telecommunications Chamber sets up alert systems to combat mobile money fraud

“Mobile money services in Ghana are secure. But the challenge has always been our cyber hygiene. Our call is that you do not disclose your passwords or PINs to anyone,” CEO Ken Ashigbey said.

He continued, “You will notice that there are errors even in the messages they send. It’s not that they can’t spell. They do it deliberately to beat artificial intelligence. But they always fail and crash.”

Currently, a Fraud Control Dashboard has been introduced to track and block perpetrators.

“Numbers that would have consistently perpetuated fraudulent acts are blocked. When reported to the dashboard, the number as well as the device are blocked on all networks.

If you suspect a scam or fraudulent number, please call 419 and report the number. She will be investigated as soon as possible,” he said.

However, the security of electronic pins and access codes is the customer’s responsibility.

MTN Ghana’s Senior Director of Branch Network Services for the Northern Sector, Adwoa Afrakomaa Baah-Obeng, has urged subscribers to be extra careful when transacting.

“You don’t hand your phone over to a provider to help you enter your PIN. MTN officials will never call you to give your mobile money PIN, for a reward. MTN calls only with this official number (0244300000)

“Check before making a transaction. Make sure you count your money before leaving a seller,” she warned.

The event was organized in collaboration with the Bank of Ghana, National Communications Authority, Ghana Revenue Authority, Ministry of Communication and Digital, Consumer Advocacy Center and Protection Agency consumers.