For sale: Access to your corporate network. Price: less than you think

Access to secure networks is regularly sold on the Dark Web and 45% of these sales are less than $ 1,000.

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There is a lot of stolen data, both personal and business, for sale on the Dark Web. Part of the information for sale is guaranteed access to secure corporate networks, and Atlas VPN reports that 45% of those sales are under $ 1,000, making access to a secure network potentially cheaper than the purchase of malicious tools used to further exploit compromised material. network.

Atlas VPN pulled its data from Positive Technologies and concludes that the cybercrime world has been inundated with new budding hackers during the pandemic “trying to make a quick buck on the people and organizations that haven’t put have a reliable security system in place “.

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In 2017, Atlas VPN notes that only 15% of initial access sales were priced below $ 1,000. “Between the second quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, the rate rose to what it is now”, Atlas VPN said.

Several factors go into determining the price: “The number of computers to display, account privileges, company size, revenue and other financial metrics. In addition, the price of the access could be affected by the industry in which the company operates, ”Atlas VPN said.

However, many sales still exceed the $ 1,000 mark: 22% are priced between $ 1,000 and $ 2,499, 17% $ 2,500 to $ 4,999, 9% $ 5,000 to $ 9,999 and the remaining 7% was over $ 10,000.

Network access to service companies was found most often, accounting for 17%, which Atlas VPN attributes to the high volume of sensitive customer information found in these companies’ systems. Manufacturing was the second most common at 14%. Followed by the research and education sector at 12% and IT at 7%. The remaining 26% are made up of companies from other industries.

“Low-cost access is usually sold by inexperienced hackers who might not even follow through on the attack. Despite this, the growing percentage of cheap access means that many new, less skilled cybercriminals have entered the market, and they could become more dangerous in the future, ”Atlas VPN said.

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For businesses concerned about selling their data or accessing their networks on the Dark Web, monitoring tools are available to alert subscribers in real time to data being sold, which can help businesses respond. immediately to potential violations.

Additionally, adopting good cybersecurity habits and taking steps to protect your organization in general is a critical part of defending against dark web data breaches and other types of attacks.

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