Fareham man to raise money for fertility charity by traveling to Everest Base Camp

Adventurer Aaron Sutton and his girlfriend Lucy have always dreamed of starting a family together.

But after trying to conceive for two years and then waiting another two years for a diagnosis, they were told Lucy had gone through early menopause – ruling out the possibility of IVF.

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Fareham’s Aaron and Lucy Sutton

Aaron said: “The gut feeling was a complete loss of identity and purpose. When we realized it was horrible.

“It’s like going through a grieving process but not to mourn someone you’ve lost, but rather a life that never was. It’s the same thing but without the person to remember or the tombstone to visit.

Now, nearly 10 years later, the couple have come to terms with their situation.

Aaron, 43, said: “After about three or four years life got better. We realized that life can be truly meaningful and fulfilling, which is what we want to tell people in similar situations.

Fareham’s Aaron Sutton will travel to Everest Base Camp to raise money for Fertility Network UK

Aaron also joined an online support system last year to chat with other men across the UK about their experiences.

Run by the charity Fertility Network, Him Fertility meets monthly.

“I’m so proud to be part of Fertility Network’s Him Fertility group which supports men facing fertility challenges, ensuring they have a safe place to share their struggles and know they have other men who support them,” he said.

‘That’s wonderful. It’s really good to see a group of men opening up. There are really tender moments and they get that wall of support.

Now Aaron hopes to give something back to the charity by setting a goal of £1,000 to be raised via supporters on his Everest trek, which he starts on March 4 and will see him climb over 5,000 meters altitude.

He added: “I’m just super excited, this is a part of the world I’ve always wanted to go to.”

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