Extra points: MB of money, MB of problems

Can Aaron Rodgers have his cake and eat it too?

Still no decision from #12 on his future.

That being said, Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network reports that the Packers are working on a deal with Rodgers’ camp if he chooses to return to Green Bay.

The short-term deal would make him the highest-paid player in football.

Last week, ESPN’s Dianna Russini reported that a deal could be around $50 million a year.

No one could argue that Rodgers doesn’t deserve every penny.

What you could, and I will argue, is that signing him into that type of deal would seriously impede the Packers’ ability to do anything else of significance.

Under no circumstances will Aaron return to Green Bay without Davante Adams, who also holds the most money.

He deserves it too.

Collecting both would be phenomenal and make you a Super Bowl contender once again.

But you can probably kiss DeVondre Campbell, Rasul Douglas, ZaDarius Smith and any other significant acquisitions goodbye.

If it wasn’t good enough with them last year, why would it be good enough without them this year?

At this point in his career, money and commitment might be more important to Rodgers than winning.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

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