Experts share how to improve your small business team and grow your network besides hiring

A quality small business team can accelerate your business growth. But many companies today are struggling to hire. However, that’s not the only way to increase your team’s efficiency and grow your small business network. Read advice from members of the online small business community below.

Don’t neglect integration

Many companies today are focused solely on growing their team. But finding people to hire is only a small part of the process. If you want long-term success, you need to onboard new team members properly. David Banaghan offers tips and insights in this Occupop post.

Reduce customer complaints

Ideally, you want customers to rave about your business. But there will always be people who are not satisfied with your products or services. Your quality team should do everything possible to reduce this number. Diana Avram-Anghel details how to achieve this goal in this AlisQI article.

Create winning training videos

Videos can be a great way to introduce important concepts and processes to new team members. These can be used for remote team members or as a supplement to in-person training for those working in an office. Read this article from Mara Calvello’s G2 Learn Hub for tips on creating winning training videos.

Use an Excel invoicing template

When you expand your sales network to include multiple customers, invoicing can take a long time. But templates can simplify the process. And there are plenty of options available for programs you probably already use, like Excel. This InvoiceBerry article by Ana Mladenovc presents a guide to Excel invoice templates.

Measure brand awareness

Your small business network isn’t just about your partners, customers, and team. Anyone who has heard of your business or is considering buying from you should be included. To grow this area, you need to focus on increasing brand awareness. Anthony Williams shares a guide in this PlatterOfGold article.

Increase accessibility in the workplace

If you want to bring the best possible talent to your workplace, you shouldn’t exclude people because of an inaccessible space. In fact, there are many other important reasons to prioritize accessibility. Ivan Widjaya shares tips in this SME CEO article.

Use golf as a business tool

Visit any golf course and you’ll likely find plenty of professionals playing a round. It’s not just a popular way to unwind – golf can actually be a useful tool for building and strengthening your network. Jordan Fuller talks about it in this BusinessLoad article. And BizSugar folks offered some thoughts here.

Use these onboarding tools for remote teams

These days, many businesses are growing using remote team members. But how you interact with these employees differs from interactions with team members in person. And that can have an impact on integration. Ciara Byrne lists several onboarding tools perfect for remote teams in this article.

Become a big fish in a small pond

The environment in which you choose to grow your business can have a huge impact on your network and your chances of success. If you want to look like the biggest and best business in town, use Harry and Sally Vaishnav’s advice in this Small Biz Viewpoints article to help you grow.

Choose the right time to buy a franchise

Franchise businesses give you the opportunity to quickly build a team and a network. However, there are many important considerations to take into account before purchasing. In fact, when you choose to buy can have a major impact, as Joel Libava explains in this Franchise Direct article.

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