Did Wolfgang Ischinger indirectly make money from the Munich Security Conference?

For 14 years, Wolfgang Ischinger, an ex-diplomat who, with the permission of the federal government, can continue to use his title of ambassador, headed the Munich Security Conference. It has long been clear that the MSC, as the conference likes to be abbreviated after its English name, should be chaired by its long-serving president for the last time. Swabia’s 75-year-old successor is Christoph Heusgen, Germany’s former UN representative and foreign policy adviser to Angela Merkel.

Just “volunteer”?

News articles this week published, that Ischinger, who had always maintained that he exercised his leadership function only “in an honorary capacity” and received only an “expense allowance” for his work, could have won at least indirectly the conference that he presided over. Again shimmer writinghe has confidential documents showing how Ischinger made money from the conference through his own consulting firm.

Specifically, it is the company “Agora Strategic Group”, which Ischinger co-founded in 2015. He reportedly owns 30% of the company through a trustee. The documents would show that “Agora” offered to the German arms company Hensoldt to select decision-makers “among the participants of the MSC” for the “setting up of a side event”. “Side events” are the behind-the-scenes meetings that take place on the sidelines of the conference.

If the reports are correct, Ischinger would have made a profit by arranging contacts and appointments. Additionally, as MSC chairman, Ischinger was able to decide individually whether guests should participate. the shimmer formula :

“However, no matter how supportive the conference may seem of the state, it is in fact a private event. Each attendee was a “personal guest” of Ischinger, the conference manager decided who was allowed to participate or not.

It is also important that Hensoldt manufactures defense electronics. Their products include radars for fighter jets and surveillance cameras for drones. In practice, “Agora” would have demanded commissions for successful lobbying.

Now, participation in “Agora” is not Ischinger’s only participation in the company. Strong shimmer Ischinger also owns shares in Hensoldt and reportedly held a supervisory board position there until 2018.

opaque structures

the Editorial Network Germany (RND) then speaks of “nested structures” which

“deliberately constructed this way [seien]that he benefited indirectly from the conference without being able to prove it directly.

These connections extend to Ischinger’s administrator, Kurt Lauk, who, according to RND was for many years president of the “Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland”, affiliated to the CDU, always in economic and political circles. the shimmer pointed to the fact that Ischinger “comments publicly on matters that affect Hensoldt’s interests”. So he walked into a DailyMirrormaintenance demanded that Germany buy more drones for the Bundeswehr. However, Ischinger hid the fact that he was on the supervisory board of a supplier company for the production of drones and still owns shares in this company.

Ischinger for arms deliveries to Ukraine

Earlier this month, Ischinger passed the CSU state group exam for it pleadsthat Germany should deliver arms to Ukraine – with the argument of avoiding a new “special German lane”: Germany should not be “at the end of the convoy”. This would depend on “the unity and leadership of the EU and NATO”.

The “limited arms deliveries” to Ukraine were also justified by Ischinger with the decision of the Schröder/Fischer government 20 years ago, which saw the “need” to “prevent genocidal misdeeds in Europe and around Europe” as a consequence of German history. “Strengthening Ukraine’s defences” could be “an element” that would “hopefully increase the deterrent effect from Moscow’s perspective.”

the shimmer In his report, he quotes extensively from “Agora” documents, which suggest the company should offer aid for arms exports to crisis areas. This could circumvent formally strict German restrictions on arms exports. Ischinger, the strong shimmer “at the request of the then federal government under Chancellor Angela Merkel” was appointed chairman of the MSC, founded the “Munich Security Conference Foundation” in 2008. Ischinger became

“sole shareholder and managing director of the not-for-profit corporation. The federal government continued to support the conference, but more and more sponsors came from the business world, including arms companies such as tank manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. This led to the accusation from the left that the conference was a lobbying event for the arms industry.

the shimmer– The research turns out to be true, the departure of Ischinger from his post at the MSC would be associated with a real scandal. There would not be much left of the legend of the honorary position supposedly selflessly exercised at the head of the MSC. Regardless of the strange amalgamation of obvious arms deals and questionable morality, not detrimental to trade, which refers to German history – and is understood as a consequence of the Holocaust and German guilt, above all. And literally helping to fuel conflicts and wars.

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