Derek Carr ready to take less money to bring Davante Adams to the Raiders – Raiders Beat

A report on Sunday said Derek Carr and the Raiders are should accept a long term agreement sometime in the offseason. The NFL Network report didn’t give a timeline for Carr’s new deal, but it would make sense if both parties want the deal done before free agency begins.

The Cowboys recently signed Dak Prescott to a deal worth around $40 million a year and Carr believes he has value somewhere around that price.

The Raiders, however, might have the opportunity to get a reasonable discount on Carr.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter, Carr would be inclined to give the Raiders a more team-friendly deal, with the understanding that some of the savings would be used to acquire Davante Adams from Green Bay.

“I believe one hundred percent that Derek Carr would take less money if he went to the Davante [Adams] pool,” Carpenter said on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM. The Morning Tailgate with Clay Baker. “Let’s just say I believe that with 100% certainty based on the conversation I’ve had with people who are in the know. If Derek has to take a little less to get Davante, he will.

The question now is… what needs to happen to get Adams away from the Packers?

A lot should happen, but we already know that a lot is Go perform in Green Bay in the coming weeks. It will be a daunting task for the Packers to sneak new offers below the salary cap for Aaron Rodgers and Adams. There’s a good chance, in fact, that the Packers will lose both players.

The other factor in the equation is the Raiders.

Will the Raiders have enough salary cap room to re-sign the players they need to re-sign and still afford a wide receiver who would demand more than $30 million a year?

It won’t be easy, but it could be possible.

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