Crisis in Ukraine: a former Scottish soldier raises funds for those most affected

A SCOTCH ex-soldier raises money for Ukraine after spending six weeks evacuating Ukrainian civilians to safety.

Frustrated by the lack of an effective response to the current crisis, Simon Atkinson, 51, from Bishopbriggs, has taken matters into his own hands to improve the situation in the war-torn country.

Atkinson said, “Through my time working alongside the Ukrainian diaspora, I have access to an in-country logistics and distribution network of local logistics professionals, who will transport food and other humanitarian aid from origin to destination. This is the purpose of this fundraiser. We will buy, transport and distribute essential aid to people who need it most, whether they are in Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkiv or Kyiv.

“I am incredibly frustrated with the lack of momentum shown by major aid agencies, many of whom have seen huge increases in donations, but have failed to get those donations to the frontlines where they are most desperately needed. required.”

Atkinson and his colleagues in Ukraine expressed extreme concern about the long-term implications of the Russian invasion. The ex-army officer notes that Ukraine, one of the world’s biggest grain exporters, will struggle to produce a crop next year amid war and the problem could be made worse by a ban fertilizer imports from Belarus.

Atkinson’s fundraiser, which aims to raise £100,000, will be dedicated entirely to relief efforts and will focus on towns worst hit by the Russian invasion.

Atkinson added: “It’s not just the money that’s useful.

“Organizations that are sitting on things they cannot move should contact us and we will make arrangements for them. It would also be helpful to hear from those who are able to help with direct donations of pharmaceuticals and /or medical consumables to help restock clinics and hospitals.

Click on HERE for a link to the campaign’s GoFundMe page.