Conjoined twins in Canada share their brains and thoughts

Siamese twins Krista and Tatiana Hogan are a healing miracle. The sisters were born on October 25, 2006 in Vancouver, Canada, and had only a 20% chance of their child being born.

His case is one in 2.5 lakh so his doctors did not give him a chance to live more than 24 hours. Currently, Felicia Sims’ daughters are 16 years old and remain an enigma to doctors around the world. Not only because of the impossibility of his life expectancy, but because the two share his opinions.

There is no scientific explanation for why this happens. Their mother first discovered this bond when they were children. It was an accident, because he was tickling when he saw his sister laughing.

Since then, neurosurgeons have studied the case. Krista and Tatiana assure that they feel and think the same way. They are even said to have a common conscience.

Environment Radio Canada Made a documentary to honor the conjoined twins’ first ten years, where they included the opinions of experts, their parents, and even themselves.

The minor’s mother was only 21 when she gave birth. The birth was assisted by 16 doctors. Currently, among other health problems, the sisters suffer from epilepsy, diabetes and are allergic to gluten.

Although their mother didn’t find out what was going on in their daughters’ shared brains until years later, the doctors who treated her at birth had already realized something was wrong. According to the testimony of previous doctors, when one of the girls was crying, it was enough to put a pacifier in the mouth of the other to calm her down.

After years of studying, a neurosurgeon found something unexpected in an MRI: the girls have a bridge that connects the thalamus of the two. This means that they share part of the region of the brain which is responsible for all sensory perceptions.

Although this theory has not been confirmed, it is the one that matters most to the team of doctors investigating the case. Even Siamese say that sometimes they are not sure what one’s opinions are in contrast to the other.

According to her mother, although they share feelings, the two have very different personalities. Tatiana is the leader, and Krista turned out to be more reserved and calm than her sister.

Although they have lower cognitive development than other children their age, minors do their best to lead a normal life. He lives with two older brothers, a younger brother and his parents.

The Hogan twins go to school and enjoy childhood hobbies like watching TV, reading or camping. They will have to undergo frequent blood tests, exams and MRIs to check their health. Although everyone has their own organs, their vascular system is common. According to her mother, sometimes they fight because they can’t agree on what decision to make.

The sisters also took swimming lessons and have already entered high school. Although their level of development is low, they learn to write, read and perform basic mathematical operations.

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