Chadwick, Ryland, Robles, Wagner share Antioch Speedway Spotlight

Antioch, Calif. – Kellen Chadwick took the win in the 20-lap IMCA Modified Main Event on Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. The threatening skies gave way and allowed the races to take place. Chadwick was class of the peloton with a dominating performance in the Main Event and a win in his heat race. It was a bit of redemption for Chadwick, who felt he had let victory slip away from him a week earlier.

2016 champion Bobby Motts Jr started in the front row and took the lead from the start. Chadwick moved up to second on Lap 2 and made a pass at Turn 4 to take the lead on the seventh circuit. Former winner Nick DeCarlo moved into third on lap 13. Chadwick extended his advantage to an immediate victory. DeCarlo attempted an outside pass on the final corner, but Motts held it off for second place. Pettit settled for fourth, followed by Terry DeCarlo Jr. The winners of the eight-lap race were Chadwick and Pettit

Fred Ryland won the IMCA Sport Modified Main Event by 20 rounds. It was the defending division champion’s second straight victory. Former champion KC Keller took the lead ahead of Nicholas Zapatero. Ryland made a move around Zapatero on a 5th lap restart, and Zapatero spun moments later for a yellow flag. Keller led Ryland on the restart, but Ryland made a low pass into Turn 2 on Lap 7 to take the lead. Jacob Mallet Jr passed Keller on lap 9 and chased Ryland. However, Ryland was a little too smooth winning ahead of Mallet and Keller. Andrew Pearce salvaged a fourth place finish after a tough heat race as Tyler Browne settled for fifth. Keller and Ryland won the eight-lap races.

Jason Robles put on a dominating performance winning the IMCA Stock Car Main Event. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Jason Robles won the IMCA Stock Car Main Event by 20 laps. This race was intended to be held without a yellow flag. Robles took the lead at the start ahead of Dave Hill. Former winner Fred Ryland started from the fourth row and found himself third on lap five.

Ryland worked hard to round Hill for second before making an inside pass into Turn 4 on Lap 15. By then Robles had an immediate advantage which he would bring to the checkered flag. Ryland moved away comfortably for second place and the defending champion

Travis Dutra made one final pass to take third from Hill, who fell back to fifth behind Kellen Chadwick. It was Ryland and Hill who took all eight qualifying race wins.

Danny Wagner won the 20-lap Delta Dwarf Car Main Event. The two-time champion took the lead from the start with Devan Kammermann chasing him. Kammermann was looking for his first victory, but he had his hands full trying to hold off Chance Russell for several rounds. There was a red flag incident on lap 15 when the contact sent Sean Catucci rolling into Turn 4. David Michael Rosa was black flagged third at that point. Kammermann tried to keep him close, but he was no match for Wagner. 2020 champion Travis Day finished third ahead of David Rosa and John Tardiff. Kammermann, Justin Bingman and Wagner took all eight qualifying race wins.

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Antioch Speedway Unofficial March 19 Race Results

Modified IMCA

Heat winners (8 laps) – Kellen Chadwick, Jim Pettit II. Main Event (20 rounds) Kellen Chadwick, Bobby Motts Jr, Nick DeCarlo, Jim Pettit II, Terry DeCarlo Jr, Paul Gugliemoni, Clark Gugliemoni, Buddy Kniss, Trevor Clymens, Jeff Browne.

IMCA Sport Modified

Round winners (8 rounds)-KC Keller, Fred Ryland. Main Event (20 rounds) – Fred Ryland, Jacob Mallet Jr, KC Keller, Andrew Pearce, Tyler Browne, Mark Garner, Chuck Golden, Jason Ryan Jr, Nicholas Zapatero, Jake Bentancourt.

IMCA stock-cars

Heat winners (8 rounds)-Dave Hill, Fred Ryland,. Main Event (20 laps) -Jason Robles, Fred Ryland, Travis Dutra, Kellen Chadwick, Dave Hill, Joe Gallaher, Anthony Giuliani, Jeff Bentancourt (DNS).

Delta Dwarf Cars

Round winners (8 laps) -Devan Kammermann, Justin Bingman, Danny Wagner. Main Event (20 rounds) – Danny Wagner, Devan Kammermann, Travis Day, David Rosa, John Tardiff, Jerry Shreffler, Jack Haverty, Sean Catucci, Ellie Russo, David Michael Rosa

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