Bob Odenkirk celebrates Better Call Saul finale, money raised for charity with prop auction

What a week it’s been for the actor Bob Odenkerk. Monday night, the series finale of You better call Saul aired on AMC, ending the story of the character Odenkirk played in the breaking Bad world since 2009. It was a bittersweet ending, but it was pretty well received by fans, garnering great acclaim and scoring as one of the series’ highest-rated episodes on IMDb.

For Odenkirk, he says in a new tweet that he found the finale satisfying. Without specifically saying what’s going on, Odenkirk says he’s pretty happy with what’s become of Jimmy McGill, although he still can’t help but feel bad about a certain unmet demand. for the character. Odenkirk then goes on to celebrate the money that has been raised for various charities by auctioning off some of the show’s props.


“What a week!” exclaims the actor. “You all did better than the best. First the finale, which played well for people, and for me a closer satisfying story. I think Jimmy Mcgill is in a better place, no spoilers, but j wish he had figured it out. ice cream!!”

In a follow-up tweet, he said, “Then there’s this charity event. WOW! Almost $50,000 for such awesome charities: Ourtism, Autism Speaks, New Day Youth and Family Services, The ALS Association, NAMI …OH! And take note – you all alerted me to new charities for autism spectrum connection.”

Odenkirk then goes on to label Autistic Self Advocacy Network, Autistics Unmasked, NeuroClastic, Communication First and be like me.

“Just a few,” the actor says. “GET FAMILIAR with them if you wish, they all seem worthy of your interest. Thank you thank you thank you. Love. Peace, and let’s get to work!”

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Better Call Saul’s ending is open to interpretation

Although things don’t look exactly fantastic regarding the future of Jimmy McGill at the end of You better call Saul, some fans choose to believe there’s more to this story, imagining the former Saul Goodman using his legal wits, possibly with the help of Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), to improve his situation. Other fans believe Jimmy is staying put and will never see Kim again, with their last meeting serving as a goodbye. Either way, the ending was meant to get fans thinking about what’s next.

“Peter wanted to write an ending that inspired people to continue the story in their heads and I think he did,” Seehorn told the New York Post after the finale. “There are several interpretations of what happens the next day and next year and [for] the rest of their life. Personally, I’m a hopeless romantic and I think [Kim] continue to see him and visit him and that she is gradually coming back to justice.”