Apple announces price hike in its App Store starting next month, including in Europe

Apple announced on Monday that App prices and App Store purchases will increase in several countries starting next month. Specifically, we are talking about Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and Vietnam, according to Apple.

According to MacRumors, here too we put in the bag all the countries that have the euro as their currency. The increases, Apple reports, are the result of current weakness of this currency against the US dollar.

Note that this rise in iPhone, will go live in App Store apps and in-app purchases next month. The new prices, excluding subscriptions which renew automatically, will be effective from October 5, explains the Apple company bitten on a blog.

To understand how this whole network of prices works, explain that those of the logo of the Apple they provide developers with predefined tiers at which they can price their app. as well, these levels will rise for the euro next month. For example, tier one will increase from 0.99 to 1.19 euros, while the maximum tier will increase from 999 to 1,199 euros, depending on Manzana.

It will act the same with the rest of the countries and their respective tiers, so we’re sure to see other developers adjusting their app prices.

The company with the bitten apple logo also raises prices in Vietnam

It is striking to see Vietnam in this previous list that we have compiled. Well, those of iPhone they are required according to the new local tax regulations applicable to the company, to collect and pay the applicable taxes, which are value added tax (VAT) and corporation tax (IRS) at the rate of 5%, respectively.

2022 and Apple must come and reinvent the notch

Note that in recent years, Vietnam has become its second production center behind Chinawith the manufacture of products such as iPad tablets or AirPod wireless headphones.

However, those of the logo of the apple were not the only ones to have made this movement. GoogleDell and Amazon have also set up production in Vietnam to diversify their production activities, as has Apple.