AFP to crack down on organized crime and money laundering

AFP has announced plans to target Italian organized crime and money laundering syndicates operating in Australia.

According to AFP Assistant Commissioner Nigel Ryan, Crime Command, police have successfully located a number of ‘Ndrangheta clans currently operating in Australia.

“We have about 51 Italian organized crime clans in Australia,”

– AFP Crime Command Deputy Commissioner Nigel Ryan

“We have identified 14 confirmed ‘Ndrangheta clans across Australia, involving thousands of members.”

Italian clans are thought to be responsible for cleaning billions of dollars out of the Australian economy every year.

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The major movement against organized crime syndicates follows last year’s success, the organized crime task force “Operation Ironside”.

Operation Ironside saw 383 alleged offenders charged with over 2,340 offences, 42 of these offenders pleaded guilty or were sentenced.

The operation was also responsible for the seizure of 6.3 tons of illicit drugs, 147 weapons and $55 million.

Assistant Commissioner Ryan said a number of ‘Ndrangheta members had been located and charged as part of Operation Ironside.

“During Operation Ironside, law enforcement charged a number of ‘Ndrangheta members, some of whom were taking their orders from bosses in Calabria,” he said.

“The ‘Ndrangheta flood Australia with illicit drugs and pull the strings of Australia’s outlaw biker gangs, who are behind some of the greatest violence in our communities.”

Deputy Commissioner Ryan said the AFP planned to dismantle the unions by “attacking their finances”.

“One of the keys to disrupting the illicit drug trade is to dismantle the money laundering organizations that displace and legitimize drug profits. And as we did in Operation Ironside, we continue to target the communication platforms used to plan their crime,” he said.

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