50% pumping in a single day

Our AIOZ Network price prediction will remain bearish until the price regains the $0.17 level. Bitcoin’s crash last week sent most altcoins into a downward spiral. The price of AIOZ coins also made new lows as the price hit the $0.06 level during this bloodbath. Nevertheless, the price has increased by 43% in the past 24 hours and is now trading at $0.12. While some investors see it as a reversal signal, many skeptics call it a relief rally.

AIOZ Network aims to revolutionize the streaming industry by leveraging its global network of nodes. The network uses peer-to-peer neighborhood bandwidth to create an infinitely scalable decentralized streaming network. This broadcast solution is only a fraction of the cost of older centralized broadcast networks.

According to AIOZ news, the network is now listed on Chainlist. Users can now add the AIOZ network to their Web 3 wallet setting with just a few clicks. The network is also supported now on the popular MetaMask browser extension. Holders can stake and claim their AIOZ crypto using EIP – 712 on MetaMask. The coin is also available now on the main US exchange, Coinbase.

AIOZ Network Price Prediction

Technical analysis of the AIOZ price chart suggests that the previous support at $0.17 may now act as resistance. The current price pump could only prove to be a suitable reversal signal if the price closes above $0.17. The coin is currently trading at 0.12, or 97% below its April 2021 ATH. Many holders did not expect such a sharp price drop, as AIOZ was one of the best performing IDOs of 2021.

Any bullish AIOZ price prediction would be irrelevant until the price breaks above the $0.17 level again. In fact, streaming cryptocurrency prices could have another downside if Bitcoin plunges again. Therefore, the recovery of all altcoins depends on the strength of Bitcoin, which is still struggling with a level of $30,000.

AIOZ USD daily chart

AIOZ Network Price Analysis