Will the Austrians soon make “Schweizerwitze” about an increasingly backward country?

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What is happening now around the Bundeshaus, can foresee bad for the upcoming election year. “You do not deal with a Federal Council,” said Johann Schneider-Ammann this week.

Our Minister of Economic Affairs obviously never mentally left the Emmental. He can not understand that the Swiss Trade Union Confederation, which has been unsuccessful in recent years, does not want to lose this battle for the accompanying measures. Where clever negotiation would have been necessary, we are now faced with a shambles, because the time of the “Lords of Bern” is over.

We have dealt badly in Germany and have not made any point in Brussels for many years. The EU is not weakening, as our Augurs have always suspected, but Switzerland is losing weight. This senses Schneider-Ammann’s party colleague, Foreign Minister Cassis, several times. His position in Brussels is simply hopeless.

Professor Carl Baudenbacher, our former President of the EFTA Court, warned against this situation for years, but our political BBB elite did not want to listen to these experienced and bright lawyers.

The FDP has two bad cards in his hand. In this situation, party leader Petra Gössi said: “I do not want to become a Federal Councilor.” Is that all?

She could have talked about the challenge that comes to us from Vienna. There, the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wins international weighting. In short, who has a good connection to the Eastern European EU countries, Viktor Orban at the top, can play this card in Brussels, where you get past him less and less.

Through his ambassador in Brussels, he let Switzerland know via “Swiss Month” that we should finally move. Have we perhaps become the little brother of Austria and will soon be making “Swiss jokes” about an increasingly backward country, which used to know only the joke about the Austrians?

It does not look much better for the CVP. Party President Gerhard Pfister, who is what one calls “an honest skin”, faces the difficult task of accompanying his Federal Councilor, Doris Leuthard, out of office without harm.

Doris Leuthard is weakened in the Bundesrat, she can no longer play the tip of the scales as before. She has dossiers that she would rather deliver today than tomorrow.

The “big change”, the environmental policy, is an adventure costing the citizens billions, which has so far brought little results. Leuthard let billions sink in the sandbox of the environmentally friendly energy politicians. No serious person believes that this could lead to a good ending. Doris Leuthard is looking for an escape route.

The progressive transport policies of its predecessors should have resolutely continued; there is little to see. The streets are more clogged than ever. The congestion costs amount to two billion francs a year alone. Doris Leuthard did not speed us up, but wants to even comprehensively introduce Tempo 80. This is reminiscent of Gottfried Keller and “The People of Seldwyla”.

The neglected rail traffic needs new billions nobody wants to make available.

Our air traffic policy, above all at the “Hub plus” at Zurich Airport, is to give the German Lufthansa Group free flight for its expansion plans. Switzerland pays the expenses and covers the environmental, health and noise risks, while the Germans are spared.

Doris Leuthard, the best saleswoman in the Bundesrat for many years, is really in front of a pile of shit. I will deal with the other Federal Councilors and their parties shortly.