Preliminary Police Attempt: Nearly 13,000 Right Acts in 2018

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The police have already detected 12,791 neo-Nazi crimes and other rights in the first three quarters of this year. In 698 cases, the perpetrators were violent , more than 300 people were injured. This is based on information from the daily mirror from the responses of the federal government to monthly requests from Bundestag Vice President Petra Pau and her left-wing group. The numbers for the months of January to September are likely to rise, as the police experience shows many acts. In the current balance sheet, only late entries until July are included.

A comparison to the right-wing crime last year is therefore only possible to a limited extent. However, the figures available now suggest that this year could come close to the 2017 level. At that time, the police had counted a total of 20,520 crimes as “politically motivated crime – right”. That was more than half of all the crimes committed by extremists in Germany.

In 2017, the police had counted 1504 anti-Semitic offenses

Bundestag Vice-President Pau now also has the government’s answers to anti-Semitic crime in the three quarters of 2018. Accordingly, the police registered 1075 offenses of hatred of Jews, including 33 acts of violence. In the attacks of anti-Semites 18 people suffered injuries. The police found 554 suspects, 15 were arrested. In custody, however, came no one.

The alleged perpetrators are above all right-wing enemies of the Jews, well ahead of Islamists and other perpetrators. The numbers also include already reported offenses. For the past year, the police had reported a total of 1504 anti-Semitic offenses.