Funeral service in Phoenix: Ex-Vice President Biden honors McCain as a “giant”

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In a moving funeral speech, former US Vice President Joe Biden honored the late US Senator John McCain . “My name is Joe Biden, I’m a Democrat, and I love John McCain,” Biden began his speech at the memorial service in a church in Phoenix, Arizona, on behalf of the late Republican on Thursday. McCain was like a brother to him, their attachment had outweighed political differences .

McCain was a “giant” whose character, courage and integrity inspired the nation, Biden said. During his speech, the ex-vice-president wiped tears on several occasions when he looked back on his friendship with McCain, which marked a past era of US-Republican cooperation between US and US Democrats. Thursday’s funeral service was attended by around two dozen senators from both parties, as well as McCain’s children and his wife Cindy .

Democrat Biden, who had long been in the US Senate with Republican McCain, regretted that the search for political consensus had taken a back seat. “All we are doing today is attacking the opposition in both parties, their motives, not the content of their arguments,” he said. “John understood that America was above all an idea. Daring and risky. Do not organize around tribes, but ideals. “

Biden was convinced that McCain’s political work would have a major impact on his death. “John’s legacy will inspire and challenge generations of leaders,” Biden said. “John McCain’s influence in America is not over.”

Funeral in Washington takes place Saturday

Already on Wednesday, thousands of mourners in Phoenix had said goodbye to McCain. With the service on Thursday, the funeral ended in McCain’s home state of Arizona. The US Senator would have turned 82 last Wednesday. Last Saturday, he died of a brain tumor.

McCain’s body was scheduled to be taken to Washington by a government machine in the afternoon (local time). On Friday the dead should then be laid out in the Capitol in the US capital Washington. As in Phoenix, there citizens will have the opportunity to say goodbye to McCain.

On Saturday there will be a memorial service in the National Cathedral in Washington. There, among others, the ex-Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush give speeches. Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) is expected from Germany.

US President Donald Trump – whose opponent was McCain – does not attend the event. After McCain’s death on Saturday at his ranch in Arizona, Trump had come under pressure to pay tribute to the merits of the war veteran and senator – which Trump finally did on Monday. On Sunday, the war veteran McCain is to be buried on the grounds of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

McCain’s ex-vice-candidate Palin not invited

McCain’s former vice-candidate in the 2008 US presidential election, Republican Sarah Palin, is, according to media reports, not invited to the memorial service for the deceased senator. The reports commented on a Source close to the Palin family on Thursday (local time) with the words: “Out of respect for Senator McCain and his family, we have nothing to add here.” Also had a longtime friend of the McCain family The magazine “People” confirmed that no invitations had been issued.