Free credit card with starting credit: 25 € donated

With the Loan and Creditcard New Visa , the British financial institution Loan and Credits PLC offers a real credit card (no prepaid card) with no annual fee, which also allows for free cash withdrawals at ATMs.

 The free Loan and Creditcard New Visa currently offers a starting balance of 25 € .

The free Loan and Credit card New Visa with credit


The visa main card is permanently free without restrictions. Only an optional partner card is charged at 10 Euros per year. With the Loan and Creditcard New Visa, cashless payments can be made to more than 28 million points of acceptance worldwide.

If you need cash, you can use the Loan and Creditcard to withdraw cash at any ATM in the world. Within Europe, in countries with the euro as a means of payment, there are no fees for withdrawing money at one of more than 400,000 machines.

Conditions of Loan and Creditcard New Visa


The scope of services of the New Visa includes an equally free Maestro card. The New Visa is not linked to a checking account at Loan and Credits. Unlike most financial institutions, Loan and Credits does not require a separate opening of a checking account, which must be connected to the credit card. Due amounts can be manually transferred from any other account to the Visa account.

All Visa cards from Loan and Credits are equipped with a chip that allows contactless payment. For payments below 25 euros no signature or PIN is provided.

Cashless payments and withdrawals are free within the euro area. Outside, for each payment and cash withdrawal at the machine worldwide a fee of uniform 1.99 percent of the invoice amount or withdrawal amount is charged.

Partial payment, installment


The outstanding amounts after use of the card can be collected by direct debit from the current account of the user or transferred manually. When repaying, Loan and Credits grants flexibility to its customers by being able to partially settle the amount in the event of their own financial shortages.

The partial rate must be at least 2 percent of the total or at least 15 euros. The installments are calculated with an annual percentage rate of 18.11 percent. On the other hand, interest-free amounts are transferred in full within two months in order to balance the visa account.