Apply for loans immediately

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To request a quick loan immediately, it is important that you have at hand, the identity document, a document with the latest income, whether it is payroll or social benefit and know what your bank account number is.

The online credits that are made immediately, enter the amount of money in the bank account that is provided in the registration form or in the fast credit application form.

Do I have to have a help or job to request a quick loan?

No, it is not necessary, although some financial institutions ask for it, it is not always necessary to have a job, in order to apply for a loan, the lower the amount of money requested, the lower the conditions.

What do I do if the credit request is canceled?

If you cancel the credit application, it may be because you are in Asnef , the list of defaulters . If you need a loan for defaulters , we recommend that you visit the category of this page, of fast loans with Asnef , where you will be able to see a solution destined for the users that are in Asnef.

What should I know before applying for a loan immediately?

Before finalizing the application, you must check that you have set the days or the installments with which you want to return the amount of money requested. You should also know the total amount to be returned, along with your fees or interest.

Can I request a credit immediately without a bank account?

Normally, no, although some credit companies have the option to deposit the money in a credit card, but the most common is an income in the bank account.

Can it take a while for the money to arrive and not be immediately?

Usually the money comes in minutes or hours, but there may be two main factors that affect the time of delivery. That the bank of your bank account, have to process the payment or make the request, in a non-working time for the online credit company.

What do I do if the application is canceled at all credit companies?

You can choose to resort to ways to get cash , which have nothing to do with financing.