Month: December 2018

Apply for loans immediately

To request a quick loan immediately, it is important that you have at hand, the identity document, a document with the latest income, whether it is payroll or social benefit

Lithuania and Russia: Can energy be a weapon?

Lithuania is seeking more independence from Russia in energy supply. Moscow, so the accusation, uses supplies of gas and electricity as leverage. A planned Akw in Belarus see the Lithuanians

Funeral service in Phoenix: Ex-Vice President Biden honors McCain as a “giant”

In a moving funeral speech, former US Vice President Joe Biden honored the late US Senator John McCain . “My name is Joe Biden, I’m a Democrat, and I love

Preliminary Police Attempt: Nearly 13,000 Right Acts in 2018

The police have already detected 12,791 neo-Nazi crimes and other rights in the first three quarters of this year. In 698 cases, the perpetrators were violent , more than 300

Ruthenium-106: Tracking down a radioactive cloud

A year ago, scientists noticed increased radioactivity in Germany. Several European measuring stations recorded unusual values ​​of the chemical element ruthenium-106. The source, indicative of this, could be in Russia

Speech in front of EU Parliament: Merkel calls for “real European army”

In her speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Chancellor Merkel called for the introduction of a European army. Merkel said, “We must work on the vision of creating a

Speech in the EU Parliament: Merkel in Strasbourg determined and without pathos

No, pathos is not her thing. Anyone who believed that Angela Merkel would now use her performance before the European Parliament in her last chancellorship to formulate a political legacy

“New York Times” columnist calls on Merkel to resign

In 2016, the renowned New York Times proclaimed Angela Merkel the “leader of the free world”. Now the Pulitzer Prize winner Bret Stephens calls in the same newspaper for the

Austria: Woman at the helm of the Social Democrats

A message for a new beginning is to be sent by the Austrian Social Democrats, the largest party to the Austrian opposition – which until last December led Austrian governments

A Problem with “Austrian Economics”

The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle is just one element of “Austrian Economics.” Unfortunately, in the context of the Great Recession, “Austrian Economics” has become short hand for that